How to Become a Realtor in California

How to Become a Realtor in California

Real estate can be a quite profitable career depending on the housing market in a specific area. It is vital to understand how well other realtors in the area you desire to do work are doing in their business before deciding to become a real estate agent. This is a decent way to discover whether or not it will be lucrative for you.

There are two types of real estate licenses in the state of California. It is essential for those preparing for going into real estate to know before applying for a license which they desire to apply for. First, you need to go for the salesperson license and then go for the broker license. In many cases, the newcomers acquire their salesperson license first and work under the supervision of a broker while they do work toward their broker license.


Real Estate Classes in California

Just more than a few real estate classes must be taken before a candidate can be licensed that include real estate practice and real estate principles.

An elective is obligatory, in addition to the core needs. You can choose from one of a lot of possible real estate electives that include finance, appraisal, business law, or property management.

A lot of community colleges give these courses or you can also take them online. As per California State law, the courses must either be four units under a quarter system or three units in a semester system. These courses are designed not only to teach real estate but to assist candidates to pass the California Department of Real Estate exam.

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Real Estate Corporation License Information

Over-all information applying to real estate licensees, including how to renew a license, how to get a new license...


New License Applicants/Examinees Information for the State of California

Information relating to real estate examinees, including gaining your first license, broker and salesperson information,


Licensing Forms

Information relating to forms of the Department, including complications utilizing DRE forms, requesting forms by fax...


Information for Out of State Applicants

You get information for out-of-state applicants and for other points I have raised by visiting the official website of California Department of Real Estate exam.


The California Real Estate License Exam

The State of California provides an exam preparation brochure, but there are also a lot of courses that students can take to prepare for the test.

As per State law, you must be at least eighteen years old or more to apply to take the licensing exam. There are two dissimilar applications for a real estate license: one is for inhabitants of California and the other is for residents of other states who desire to practice real estate appraisal in California.

The exam covers real estate land-use controls, property, principles, valuation, agency laws, transfer of property, contracts, disclosures, and many more.


Getting your California Real Estate License

You must pass the California licensing exam and fulfill all educational necessities before you get a license to practice real estate. Furthermore, you must complete the process of Live Scan fingerprinting. This is the part of a background check that the State of California utilizes for those wanting to be licensed in real estate.

If your license has expired within the past two years in California and you have previously been licensed, you are exempt from the Live Scan process. Once you fulfill the educational needs, have passed the exam, and have met all other legal necessities, you would be granted a license to practice real estate in the State of California.

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