Designed Specifically for the Appraisal Business

Real-Time Solution for all appraisal scheduling needs. Whether you are an appraiser, lender, AMC, Attorney, Real Estate Agent, Homeowner, or Appraiser, is the most efficient way for appraisers to track appraisals. is a new and exciting platform to find, communicate, track and receive your appraisal orders from Real Estate Appraisers.


Intuitive Platform

Before you start making dozens of calls or sending out mass emails to find an appraiser with the best turn time, allows all AMC’s, and Banks to sort the appraisers by the soonest turn time on their panel in any one area throughout the US.A. In any state. This one feature alone saves your company enough money in found time in one day to more than make up for the small monthly fee to use

One Easy Platform

Using our platform will make it easier for appraisers to communicate bids, open assignments from beginning to end. It will even notify your clients of upcoming or overdue assignments as well as tracking payments. Easy notes and communication for each assignment. Easy updating process on any computer or phone for tasks from creation to completion.


Aipraiser maintains and employs technology and security measures designed to secure your information. The information is subject to a variety of protections when you submit sensitive information on our Site.


Designed Around You

As an appraiser, AMC, Lender, or individual homeowner, the website is designed for ease of use. As an appraiser, no more logging into 20 different websites to check and update your assignments, no more sending your updated license and E&O to those 20 different clients when its time to update those documents. Having a single login makes it more consistent and simple for appraisers to use.

Around the Clock Support

Our Highly professional team of customer support specialists will be available for you to answer all of your questions.


The World is Waiting

Aipraiser will allow you to save time through our site. No more dealing with lost emails, we exclusively deal with appraisals only. No junk emails to sort through wasting your time. Soon to be added features will also save time in doing your appraisals. More to come!

" A Reliable Service " is maintaining End to End encryption on its platform and provides seamless services with almost zero downtime.


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Start your subscription to the most powerful and practical appraisal platform We are always prepared to help commercial and residential real estate appraisers communicate bids, open assignments for appraisal orders from beginning to end. Just one click away.